The following policies constitute our conditional offer for the rental of the property and for any additional services that you have requested. By booking our property, you accept our policies.


The property will be available from 16:00 on the day of your arrival. We kindly request that you vacate the property no later than 11:00 on the day of your departure. Our manager will welcome you on site and show you the property.


When booking through our website, you can pay with credit cards (VISA, Mastercard and AMEX) or bank transfer. When booking for additional services on site, you can pay cash, with credit cards or by bank transfer.

  • To receive a full refund, guests must cancel at least 30 days before check-in. Guests who book less than 30 days before their stay can also receive a full refund if they cancel within 48 hours of booking, if the cancellation occurs at least 14 days before check-in.
  • If a guest cancels between 7 and 30 days before check-in, the deposit paid upon booking (equal to 50% of the booking fee for all nights) shall be kept by Real Life Homes.
  • 7 days before check-in, the remaining 50% of the booking fee shall be paid by the guests.
  • If a guest cancels less than 7 days before check-in, 100% of the booking fee for all nights shall be kept by Real Life Homes.

For long term stays (stays of 28 days or longer), the following policy overrides our standard cancellation policy for those stays:

  • To receive a full refund, guests must cancel within 48 hours of booking and the cancellation must occur at least 28 days before check-in.
  • If a guest cancels after that, the guest shall pay 100% for all nights spent, plus 30 additional nights.
  • If fewer than 30 days remain on the reservation when the guest cancels, the guest shall pay 100% for all of those remaining nights.

Smoking is not allowed in the houses.

  1. Gatherings of more than 16 people per villa, including both overnight guests and visitors, are not allowed.
  2. All disruptive parties and events are not allowed, regardless of size.

Pets are permitted with prior approval by Real Life Homes. Pets must be kept under control at all times and are not allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture. Guests are responsible for damage caused by pets, whether inside or outside the property. If additional cleaning of the property is required, the fee will be paid by the guests.



The information on our website reflects the best of our knowledge based on frequents visits to the property. We will inform you as soon as possible of any major changes to the property that may render accommodation substantially different to what you have booked.

  1. Visitors are allowed on the property. Any act, whether intentional or careless, of the visitors shall be deemed to be the act of the guests.
  2. The number of people staying overnight in the property may not exceed the maximum occupancy indicated.
  3. You shall use the property only for the purpose for which it has been let to you (personal lodging). You shall not use the premises for any kind of commercial use during the rental and/or hold parties for entertainment or a function involving a large number of invitees unless expressly agreed upon in writing by Real Life Homes.
  4. You shall not sublet the property under any circumstance whatsoever.
  5. Should you make unauthorized use of the property as indicated, we reserve the right to ask all guests to vacate the property immediately.

Each villa has a swimming pool without children protection (no fence) and direct access to the seafront without fence or gate. Please note that the supervision, safety and behavior of your children is your sole responsibility.

  1. You shall keep the property and its content, including all furnishings and kitchen equipment in good condition. You shall use appliances only for their intended uses. Avoid any damage to the walls, doors or windows of the property.
  2. Please do not make noise so as not to disturb your neighbors between 23:00 and 8:00 am the day after.
  3. If in the educated opinion of Real Life Homes or any other person in authority, you or a member of your party behave in a manner which causes or is likely to cause danger, excessive disturbance to neighbors, or damage to the property, or acts in breach of any provision in our policies, including these booking policies, your booking may be terminated effective immediately and you shall all be requested to vacate the Property. In this event, you shall not receive any refund and you shall be held liable for any expenses incurred as a result of such behavior.

Guests shall allow the personnel and / or contractors of Real Life Homes to access the property for purposes of housekeeping, repair and inspection.


You are responsible for your third-party liability, health and medical repatriation insurances. Real Life Homes does not offer such insurances and shall not be held liable for the absence of such insurances.


Real Life Homes cannot be held liable towards you, your guests or your visitors for any accident, injury or illness that occurred during your stay under any circumstance on the premises or facilities.


Real Life Homes cannot be held liable towards you, your guests or your visitors for any loss or misplacement of personal property or valuables left in the property or lost during your stay.


The property shall be checked by Real Life Homes before and after each rental period. You shall be held liable for any proven damages or losses caused to the property and its contents.


While Real Life Homes strives to provide you with a trouble-free stay, a property may present malfunctions like any other house. Our aim to mend any problem that arises within 24 hours may not always be feasible because of the time of day or day of the week, the unavailability of technicians, etc. If you are dissatisfied with the Property or the service of a supplier, please contact us immediately. It is a precondition for any compensation that you inform Real Life Homes in writing of all complaints as soon as possible and in any event not after the end of your rental period.


Real Life Homes shall not bear any responsibility if the execution of this agreement is no longer possible because of force majeure. All of the following shall be considered force majeure: acts of governmental agencies, the threat of war, an act of terrorism, earthquake, pandemic, industrial action, dangerous weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, unexpected shutting down of an airport or harbor, unforeseen changes to transport time schedules or any other event which is beyond the control of Real Life Homes. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances. 


All disputes arising between you and/or your guests and/or your visitors on the one hand and Real Life Homes and/or any of its directors, officers, or employees shall be settled by the Courts of Greece and by application of Greek Law.